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That night, eric died knowing he did the right thing. With that selfless self-poisoning, the worthy were saved, and the sinners got what they deserve. The three warriors are also poisoned. Quinn became blind, Alvin turned deaf and Jon became a mute. Prada was set free, as were her husband. Fontaine gave them a house in the kingdom as a way of gratitude. Although Prada refused to take it, as she saw herself undeserving of his kindness for once she tried to kill him. Fontaine insisted that they accept the gift and eventually she did. eric’s body was buried in Fontaine’s royal graveyard, and a “national hero” was engraved on his stone. eric’s father was so caught up in his work; he barely realized eric was missing. General Fontaine visited him personally and informed him of his son’s patriotic act and was awarded a medal. As for the squirrel, he went to live with Prada and her husband, and was welcomed as a member of the family.

The End

eric kept his eyes shut, thinking about stuff. He didn’t want to open his eyes and see the squirrel, Prada and Fontaine pitying him. So he just kept thinking until he died. “That’s why the general’s counselor kept repeating the same sentence when I first met him, that the general is fighting for our country.” eric thought, “He was showing me that he’s a good man .. and that’s when he told me about the three warriors and their problems, he wanted me to know that nobody’s perfect.”

“Now I remember where I saw you before,” eric thought, “I was there when you were selected as the general, and was giving your first speech to the people. I was only 6 years old back then, but I remember it because you were the reason why I became a nerd in the first place.” eric closed and relived the event all over again. The general walked up to the stand facing the nation. It was the first time he looked at the people as his subjects.

“Oh People,” “Fontaine said, opening his speech: “I have been elected as your leader, although I am not better than any of you. If I do good, lend me your support. If I go wrong, set me straight. Honesty is integrity and lying is treachery. The weak among you is powerful in my eyes until I get his rights, as the strong among you is weak in my eyes until I take from him the rights of others.” The general wanted to do people justice from the start, and that’s why he chose Abu Baker Al-Sadeq’s opening speech to start with.

The general walked towards eric, and congratulated him: “such a noble thing to do, you are truly courageous.” But eric didn’t reply to the general on his comment, however, eric did ask the general a question he had on his mind for a sometime: “I have to know one thing … the enslaved children in the dungeon, is it true?” eric referred to the roomer he heard from the squirrel. the general didn’t lie to eric: “Yes,” he answered sincerely, then explained: “but they are not what they appear to be. They are monsters in disguises; they kill human beings for pleasure. I would like to put them out of their miseries but orders form the Supreme Court say otherwise.” “Forgive us,” the squirrel apologized to the general, “We came in here with cruel intentions, but I’m glad that eric ended up doing the right thing.” The general smiled and said: “You were only thinking about saving people, you are people. And you eric,” the general addressed eric: “are a good man.” eric smiled back and replied: “Takes one to know one.”

Prada got in the castle, and soon was in the dinning room, as if she was drawn to eric. She ran towards eric, and found him lying on the ground poisoned. She fell on the ground and held eric’s head between her arms. “Why did you do it?” Prada asked crying, “You weren’t suppose to drink the poison idiot.” “So you’re Windy? Nice to meet you,” eric chuckled as he breathed his last breaths. “the plan was to kill him,” she pointed at the general, “Why?” eric explained to Prada why he did what he’d done: “he’s my brother, that means we carry the same blood … I figured if-” “But what if it had been from his father, not your mother!” the squirrel butted in, shouting out load. The squirrel didn’t care about that fact that he had just exposed to all about his talking abilities. “I had to take a chance,” eric answered, then explained: “Fontaine fights for our country, what do I do? I drink my nights away, and put others in danger.” He said “I only make bad decisions. It’s time I made a good one …”

At that exact second at the forest, Prada began to fell a strange felling, a feeling of reverse. Prada’s wooden body softened up until it became flesh again. Prada had finally returned to previous form… a human girl. Many of the trees of the forest transformed into humanoids, along with her husband and all who ate the green mushrooms. However, of all the things Prada had in mind to do once her dream becomes reality, she delayed them for a new goal, and that’s to go to eric. She felt that something was wrong, so instead of trying to find her husband in the crowd of new-formed people, she ran to the castle.