eric was never a brave boy. Ever since he could remember, eric was always afraid of strangers. As eric’s eyes moved left to right, he heard the voice again: “Down here!”eric looked down and saw only a squirrel. “What’s a matter with you?!” it said! “Agh!” eric screamed, falling on his behind. “a talking rat!” eric added! “How rude!” The squirrel said as he jumped on eric’s body, and started walking towards eric’s face, “how would you like it if I called you a chimpanzee!” eric was surprised, he didn’t know exactly how to handle this. “I’m … sorry.” eric apologized as he felt that he had offended the squirrel.

لم يكن وائل فتى شجاعاً ابداً، فهو جباناً خائفاً من كل ما حوله. “انني هنا في الأسفل ايها العبقري!” قال المتكلم، فخفض وائل وجهه ناظِراً الى سنجاباً واقفاً بين رجليِه. “ما خطبك؟” سأل السنجاب، فوقع وائل على الأرض مندهشا. “تستطيع الكلام؟” “ماذا بك؟ بالطبع استطيع الكلام!” اجاب السنجاب كأنه يعرف وائل جيداً. “هذا لا يعقل!” قال وائل وهو مازال مندهش