As the day came to an end, eric left school and started walking home. The sunset was stunning as always, the bright orange sun going down the horizon, surrounded by bright light of many colors. As the sun had set, eric was back home. eric’s home was small; it consisted of a small living room, a kitchen, two bed rooms and one bath room. eric stepped into the living room, and closed the door behind him. He turned on the lights viewing the messy house he’s gotten used to. Just as he was about to take one step further into the living room, something jumped out of eric’s bag pack and onto the sofa.
مع غروب الشمس انتهى دوام وائل، فقام وائل بالذهاب الى منزلهُ ماشياً. اليوم الدراسي في وطن وائل يمتد لعشر ساعات متواصله. وصل وائل الى بيتهِ المتكوِّن من بضع غرفٍ صغيره و مطبخ و حماماً واحداً، و فوق كل هذا كان البيت بأكمله فوضوي. فتح وائل باب المنزل بمفتاحه، و أغلقه بعد دخوله. فجأه، شئٍ ما قفز من حقيبه ؤائل الى الأريكه، واقفاً على رجلين.