“Finally! Some air! If I knew that I’d be in there for 10 hours I wouldn’t have gotten in the first place!” the squirrel said out loud! “You?” eric said surprised, “what are you doing here? and how did you find me? Did you follow me all the way?” “Wow, you’re really smart! Nothing gets by you!” the squirrel said as he moved around the small house, “I was in your bag, genius … you live alone?” the squirrel asked. “No, I live with my father, but don’t change the subject!” “What subject?” the squirrel responded, “I already answered your question, and by the way, why is this place so messy and dusty!” eric went straight to the squirrel and held him up asking him: “Why are you here?” the squirrel replied, ever so calm: “I think you know why I’m here.” eric put down the squirrel on the sofa again, as he knew what he meant. The squirrel wanted to help his friend and eric seemed to be the guy who could help. The squirrel could see it in eric’s eyes that he wasn’t ready yet, so he decided to stay here as long as it took to convince him of helping her out.

:ً‫”ھذا أنت؟ ماذا تفعل ھنا؟ كيف وجدتني؟ ھل لحقتني الى ھنا؟” تفاجئ وائل بوجود الزائر المفاجئ .. السنجاب المتكلم. فرد السنجاب علي وائل قائل ‫”أسئلتك كثيره و أنا مرھق، فقد امضيتَ اليوم بأكملِه في حقيبة صغيرة مع كتب!” و بدأ السنجاب بالبحث عن مكانا ً ينام فيه. “لم ال تنام في الغابه نفس كل يوم؟” سأل‬ ‫وائل، فأجابه: “الشمس في الصباح تعكر مزاجي!” ولكن وائل غضب، فمسك السنجاب قائالً: “أتستھزء بي؟ أعطني سببا ً واحدا‬ لكي لا أرميك من النافذه؟” فرد عليه: “‫السنجاب بكل ھدوء و ثقه قائالً: “وعدت صديقتي بأن ال أفارقك حتى أقنعك بمساعدتھا‬”