“So, it’s getting late, is your father going to come home tonight or not?” asked the squirrel as he fed on some mushrooms eric fixed for him. “my dad isn’t always around because of work. He’s a mojo.” eric explained. “A mojo? … impressive.” Said the squirrel as if he knew what eric was talking about. “A mobile journalist you idiot!” “I knew that! … so, where’s mommy?” “she was never a mother, not mine at least,” eric explained: “she had her way with men, and dad was just in the right place at the right time. She and dad were never and item, and when she found out that she was pregnant with me, she gave me to dad and walked away. She’s not family” eric concluded, and the squirrel’s replay was stranger: “wow, you and your dad have a real open relationship!”

‫جاع السنجاب، فطلب من وائل طعاما يملئ به معدته، فتغذى السنجابُ فطرا تلك الليله. بينما تغذى، سأل السنجابُ وائل: “ھل تسكن ھنا لِوحدِك يا‬وائل؟” “لا، أسكن مع الوالد، ولكن وظيفته تأخذ الكثير من وقته حيث أن ال يتسّع لنا الوقت أن نرى بعضنا البعض اال من فتره لفتره.” “ماذا عن والِدتك؟” فرد عليه ‫وائل: “أنھا ليست فرداً من عائلتي، فھي تبرّت مني قبل أن تولدني! لم أقابلھا أو أعرف ما تحب أو تكره، و صراحتا ً لا أھتم. أن كانت لا تريدني، فأنا لا أريدھا!”