Prada was once a girl, a human girl. She was skinny with long golden hair, and green eyes like precious stones. She was 15 years old slave working in a rich merchant’s house, when a 50 year old man came into her life. The man was a lumberjack and a rich one too. He offered gold and jewels to the rich merchant to buy Prada from him. He agreed and the man took Prada back to his house in the woods. Prada soon found out that the man who bought her was now poor; he had paid the rich merchant with everything he had. “Why did you do that?” she asked, “Give him everything you had just for me, there are other slaves much cheaper that you can afford.” The man smiled and said: “as of today, there are no more slaves to be bought and sold, you are the last one.”

[sorry about the arabic version, but it seams that Windows Vista 
dosen't recognize the arabic language anymore!]