Setting ‘rescuing a life’ as a priority to ‘a day at school’, eric went to see the general of the land. eric had the intention to take his life in order to save another. Eric has never hurt a fly in his life, nor did he thought about it, but he felt that this was for the best. As he went to the castle’s gates, he shivered with fear. The caste was huge, made of several floors. It was surrounded by water, where sharks dominated all underwater life forms. Eric was just a gate and a bridge away from entering the castle. Just as he raised his goosebumped right hand to ring the gate bell, he felt a sensation of movement behind his back. It was coming out of his backpack, so he took it off, placed it on the ground and opened it up. The squirrel was in eric’s backpack the whole time. “What are you doing here?” eric yelled in whispering tone.