The gates opened, and eric crossed the bridge and entered the castle. It was huge and fancy from the exterior, complimented with golden and crystalloid chandeliers. At the entrance, eric met a well-dressed man who was apparently expecting him. “Good morning, I’m eric … I’m here to see the general” eric repeated his request. “I know, you told me that already. Hello,” he offered his hand for a greeting shake, “I’m the general’s counselor; the general himself isn’t here at the moment.” Eric shook his hand, then proceeded with his questions: “Do you know where I can find him?!” “the general is at war right now, fighting for our country.” “… !” eric was left speechless. The general’s councilor saw the persistency within eric, so he offered him a room to stay at saying: “allow me to take your luggage to your room.” “No!” shouts eric when the councilor reached for his backpack, “… I mean, you just lead the way, and I’ll follow. Eric shouted protecting his friend who was hiding inside the bag.