As soon as the general was done with his bath, eric came in. The general was now in his white robe which he wears after bathing. “I’m your brother,” eric said hesitating, the general was in a lighter mood, and responded smiling: “brother, welcome, sorry to have kept you waiting, duty calls.” Eric stepped forth towards the general and said: “No, I am your brother!” eric insisted on telling his grace the truth “Real brother?” the general was surprised, not knowing he had any siblings. “Your own flesh and blood.” The general sat down, and asked: “from mother or father?” “mother, I believe.” Eric explained. “Ah, so you’re a Johansson.” The general referred to their mother’s last name, and then added: “But tell me, what’s your surname?” “It’s Wiio your highness.” eric answered his grace. “Wiio? What kind of a name is that?” “I believe it’s Finnish, your highness.” The general got up, and walked towards his younger brother, saying: “Ah, Fontaine, please. It’s not every day I have a brother.” He said, then explained: “My father passed away decades ago, and mother … well, you could only imagine. Anyways, come, I have many things I want to share with you.”