It was midnight, when the squirrel heard the first sound since dawn. It was the door opening, eric was entering his room. eric saw the squirrel but paid no attention to him more than usual, he went straight to bed and sat down smiling. “Where were you? You’ve been out all day! I was worried sick!” the squirrel was angry at eric, but eric had a smile on his face. eric had spent the entire day getting to know his brother. “chill okay, I was with my brother” eric said, but the squirrel just stood there, realizing what was really going on. “… you’re beginning to like him.” The squirrel concluded. “No, I’m not.” eric defended himself. At his point, eric’s smile had faded away. But the squirrel didn’t stop there, he added: “Must I remind you we are here to save Prada” “I know.” eric replied with an annoyed look. “You’re going soft!” the squirrel accused eric. “I’m not!” eric defended again, then added: “when the time comes, I’ll do it.” The squirrel insisted on making sure eric was still on his side, he said: “Say it, say you will kill him.” eric got up from the bed and said in a resentful tone: “Clearly it was a mistake coming here again. You can have the bed all to yourself tonight!” eric left the room angry.