The next day came slowly; eric didn’t return to his room or slept at all. He spent the entire night roaming the hallways. As for the squirrel, he was so angry at himself, that he didn’t get any sleep as well. the squirrel wanted to apologize to eric, so he decided to get out of the room. The squirrel climbed up to the vent, and unscrewed the screws, and got in. The squirrel ran all the way through the vent searching for eric guided by his noise. He soon found him and jumped from the vent opening onto eric’s head. “what the?” eric was surprised. “hey, it’s me.” the squirrel told eric so that he wouldn’t be alerted, then added: “listen, … I wanted to say … well, I’m sorry.” Then he was silent, waiting for eric’s response. Eric said: “No, I’m sorry. We came here to save Prada, and that’s just what we’re going to do!” suddenly eric raised his hand and squeezed the squirrel into his orange hair. eric hid the squirrel from sight, as the general just walked into the hallway.