That afternoon, eric was sitting alone at a balcony, thinking about tonight, and how lives were going to change. eric was nervous to say the least, and was having second thoughts, but decided not to tell the squirrel. eric starred into the yellow sun, thinking hard about whether if he really wanted to carry on with this operation. “Problems?” the councilor came from behind eric. “yeah, something like that.” eric replied, although he really wanted to say to the councilor: do you always sneak behind people? The counselor sat next to eric and said: “nobody’s perfect you know?” eric wasn’t sure what he was talking about so he kept quiet. “the three best warriors I told you about, they all have major problems.” The counselor added, then explained: “Quinn sees indecent woman, Alvin eardrops and Jon, with all due respect, is a liar.” “Excuse me sir but,” eric had to ask, “why are you telling me this?” the general’s counselor got up, took one look at eric and gave him a slight smile … then walked back into the castle.