The general walked towards eric, and congratulated him: “such a noble thing to do, you are truly courageous.” But eric didn’t reply to the general on his comment, however, eric did ask the general a question he had on his mind for a sometime: “I have to know one thing … the enslaved children in the dungeon, is it true?” eric referred to the roomer he heard from the squirrel. the general didn’t lie to eric: “Yes,” he answered sincerely, then explained: “but they are not what they appear to be. They are monsters in disguises; they kill human beings for pleasure. I would like to put them out of their miseries but orders form the Supreme Court say otherwise.” “Forgive us,” the squirrel apologized to the general, “We came in here with cruel intentions, but I’m glad that eric ended up doing the right thing.” The general smiled and said: “You were only thinking about saving people, you are people. And you eric,” the general addressed eric: “are a good man.” eric smiled back and replied: “Takes one to know one.”