“Now I remember where I saw you before,” eric thought, “I was there when you were selected as the general, and was giving your first speech to the people. I was only 6 years old back then, but I remember it because you were the reason why I became a nerd in the first place.” eric closed and relived the event all over again. The general walked up to the stand facing the nation. It was the first time he looked at the people as his subjects.

“Oh People,” “Fontaine said, opening his speech: “I have been elected as your leader, although I am not better than any of you. If I do good, lend me your support. If I go wrong, set me straight. Honesty is integrity and lying is treachery. The weak among you is powerful in my eyes until I get his rights, as the strong among you is weak in my eyes until I take from him the rights of others.” The general wanted to do people justice from the start, and that’s why he chose Abu Baker Al-Sadeq’s opening speech to start with.