That night, eric died knowing he did the right thing. With that selfless self-poisoning, the worthy were saved, and the sinners got what they deserve. The three warriors are also poisoned. Quinn became blind, Alvin turned deaf and Jon became a mute. Prada was set free, as were her husband. Fontaine gave them a house in the kingdom as a way of gratitude. Although Prada refused to take it, as she saw herself undeserving of his kindness for once she tried to kill him. Fontaine insisted that they accept the gift and eventually she did. eric’s body was buried in Fontaine’s royal graveyard, and a “national hero” was engraved on his stone. eric’s father was so caught up in his work; he barely realized eric was missing. General Fontaine visited him personally and informed him of his son’s patriotic act and was awarded a medal. As for the squirrel, he went to live with Prada and her husband, and was welcomed as a member of the family.

The End